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Missing Dina is a novel based on a real-life story, narrating a man's painful experience when he loses the woman he loves. This is not a description of the couple's relationship; instead, it focuses on his side of the story once they have broken up. In addition, it deals with his sorrow and what he learns by overcoming his deep grief, without losing his hope that one day his wounds will eventually heal.


The purpose of this novel goes beyond entertainment for its own sake. This book portrays a story that, as it develops, offers valuable teachings and deep analyses on myriad topics: how relationships work, break ups and how to overcome them, managing loneliness, love, affection, jealousy, emotional dependency, and sadness as well as other equally important situations all human beings should painstakingly take into account when forging high-quality human relationships.


Author’s information:

Marioalonso Madrigal was born on November 17, 1979, in San José, Costa Rica, where he still lives today. He has a degree in Psychology and works both in the fields of occupational and clinical psychology.


His main goal when he wrote this book was to share his knowledge and philosophy of love, couple of relationships, jealousy, affection, and dependency with other people.


Additionally, the idea is that the reader not only finds this novel entertaining but also enriching for their everyday lives.


You can contact him at his phone number and/or e-mail address:


Cell phone number: (506)

Missing Dina (English eBook)

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